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By accessing and using this website the user accepts and agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions. Users should check for current Terms and Conditions as these can be updated and changed from time to time.


Boxoffice9 means and includes all the brands working under the head of Boxoffice9.
User means the person accessing the website and availing the online booking facility.
Customer includes all the patrons of Boxoffice9 and also includes the user defined above.
Website means

Purchasing tickets online

Cinema tickets are sold by Boxoffice9 and can be purchased by the user via the online booking system using credit/debit cards.
A nominal convenience fee shall be charged from each user over and above the prescribed value of the ticket. This convenience fee shall be in lieu of the convenience given to the user by Boxoffice9 and shall not form a part of the value of the ticket.
Tickets & food once ordered cannot be exchanged, cancelled or refunded.
Children aged 3 years and above will require a separate ticket.
The 3D glasses will be available at the cinema for 3D films and must be returned before you exit the premises. 3D Glasses are chargeable (refundable/non-refundable) as per individual cinema policies.
Items like laptop, cameras, knifes, lighter, match box, cigarettes, firearms and all types of inflammable objects are strictly prohibited. Items like carry bags eatables, helmets, handbags are not allowed inside the theaters are strictly prohibited. Kindly deposit at the baggage counter of mall/cinema.

Booking of Tickets

The user must provide Boxoffice9 with the correct information pertaining to the cardholders name, card type, the card number, the card expiry date and the security code on the back of the card (if any) in order to make payment to Boxoffice9 Cinemas. The user shall be responsible for the correctness of the information provided and shall not be indemnified if the information is wrongly entered whether intentional or unintentional.

The user must provide Boxoffice9 with the correct information pertaining to the cardholders name, card type, the card number, the card expiry date and the security code on the back of the card (if any) in order to make payment to Boxoffice9 Cinemas. The user shall be responsible for the correctness of the information provided and shall not be indemnified if the information is wrongly entered whether intentional or unintentional.

The user must ensure the correctness of all details of the booking before finally booking their tickets as Boxoffice9 will accept no responsibility and will not issue a refund for wrong bookings that are the fault of the user. If the user experiences problems with the booking process, they are to call the helpline number of Boxoffice9 specified on the booking page. The Portal shall not cancel any bookings once the transaction is completed.

Once the booking has been processed, the user will receive a confirmation e-mail to their e-mail address with all the relevant details of their booking. Boxoffice9 is not responsible and will not issue a refund to the user for selecting the wrong tickets or if the user does not meet the minimum age requirements for that particular film. The online booking is non transferable and cannot be further sold.

To collect the tickets the user must present the credit/debit card that was used to book the tickets in that particular cinema. The user has to carry the print out of the confirmation mail. The user may procure the ticket from the automatic ticket collection points or they can present the print out to the Boxoffice9 representative at the ticket counter of the concerned Cinebox. The user shall also carry proof of age for movies certified 'A'.

Unless specified otherwise User is subscribed to Boxoffice9 & Boxoffice9 Partner promotions related communication through SMS & Email.

Cancellation of tickets

The booking shall be deemed to be cancelled in the following circumstances:-

  • The booking is valid only for the viewing of the film at a specified Cinebox of Boxoffice9. The booking shall become valueless and non refundable if not used on the date specified on its face.
  • If, in the opinion of a representative of the Boxoffice9, the user is in breach of these Online Booking Terms or is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or that it is necessary for the safety or comfort or security of other customers or for the protection of property, the representative reserves the right to refuse the entry or request the Customer to leave the multiplex and may if necessary physically remove the Customer from the Boxoffice9 or physically restrain the Customer.
  • Boxoffice9 is required to abide by and enforce the age restrictions as specified by the Law for the time being in force. In the event that an authorized Boxoffice9 representative is of the opinion that the user does not meet the minimum age requirement and the user cannot provide photographic proof that they are of the required age, Boxoffice9 will not permit entry to that performance or film.

General Conditions

Boxoffice9 will do everything possible to ensure the show and operating times of the cinema are true to the advertisements. However due to circumstances beyond Boxoffice9's control there may be times that a film has to be cancelled or shown at a different time. In this instance the user may be given a refund of the ticket only. The mode of refund shall be at the sole discretion of Boxoffice9. If any show is cancelled or cancellation is done from the management of Boxoffice9 then the formalities for the same will be taken in to consideration. The user agrees not to bring in any action against Boxoffice9 in such instance.

The user, who has booked for a movie certified as 'A', must provide Cinebox Cinemas with the relevant proof of entitlement when the tickets are being collected or upon entry to the cinema.

The Company reserves its rights to suspend the operations of any Cineplex/ Multiplex/Audi due to some exigencies and any offer, scheme, promotions shall not be valid/ applicable in respect of such Multiplex/ Cineplex/ Audi. The Company shall not be liable for any losses/ damages arising \ connected with such suspension. This clause shall also be applicable and binding on all Company's agents, partners and agents, partners of its affiliate/ group companies.

Warranties and Indemnification

The user represents that he/she is of sufficient legal age to use this service, and he/she possess the legal right and ability to create binding obligations for any liability he/she may incur as a result of the use of this service.

The user understands that he/she is financially responsible for all uses of this service by him/her and those using his/her login information. The user will supervise all usage of the booking facility under his/her name or account.

The user warrants that all information supplied by him/her and members of his/her household in using the booking facility are true and accurate.

Contest & Promotions

General Terms and conditions

Before entering a promotion, contest read these rules and the site's terms, conditions and privacy information. by entering the promotion, contest you agree to comply with the rules and the site's terms, conditions and privacy information.

  • Contest and promotions are open for participation of all entrants who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry in the contest.
  • Directors, officers, employees, contractors, and agents of Boxoffice9 (hereinafter referred as "Company") and/or its associate, subsidiary or joint ventures, agencies, dealers, retailers, sponsors and any company associated with the promotion/ contest, employees and members of their immediate families (spouses, parents, siblings, and children) are not eligible to participate in this contest.
  • This contest is valid for resident citizens of India Only.
  • Each Promotion will contain a specific time period/promotion period within which entries will be accepted. The Promotion Period for each Promotion shall be posted on the Company's website with that particular Promotion. Only entries received during the Promotion Period will be accepted and entertained.
  • An individual may enter a Promotion/contest once only. The use of any automated launching or entry software or any other means that permits an entrant to automatically enter repeatedly or in excess of the entry limitations is prohibited. Company is not responsible for lost, late, illegible, stolen, incomplete, invalid, unintelligible, misdirected, technically corrupted or garbled entries, which will be disqualified, or for problems of any kind whether mechanical, human or electronic. Proof of submission will not be deemed to be proof of receipt by Company. All entries must be in English.
  • The selection of contest prizes shall be the exclusive prerogative of Company and Company reserves the absolute right to add or modify the terms and conditions of the present Contest, selection of prizes without giving any notice to the participants and also reserves the absolute right to cancel any part or all of the prizes. Further if the specified prize is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances Company may substitute another prize of similar or equal value.
  • Company shall conduct the lucky draw (s) as per its sole discretion to announce the winner of the contest. No correspondence, queries on the method/ manner of conducting the luck draw(s) shall be entertained by Company from any party/ individual in any circumstances whatsoever. The winner name(s) shall be intimated individually either through phone call or SMS on the mobile number given by the participant or any other mode as decided by the Company with that particular Promotion/ contest. If in the course of the contest, prior to confirming the winner's identification and address, the phone line drops out or becomes disconnected for any reason, Company shall not be responsible for awarding such prize to that caller and will go to next available caller. The winner shall be responsible to provide the certified ID proof, residence proof, PAN details as and when demanded by the Company.
  • All prizes must be collected within 60 days of wining or as mentioned with that particular Promotion. Company shall not notify the winner about the time remaining it shall be the sole responsibility of the winner(s) to claim their prize(s). All unclaimed prizes after the 60 days from wining date will be forfeited/ disposed of by Company. Further in the event winner choose not to accept / claim the prize then it may be awarded to the next winner/ runner-up at the sole discretion of the Company.
  • Prizes shall be delivered at the address given by the participants, in the event of time based contests, which include events/ screening of movies( cinematographic films)it shall be the sole responsibility of the winner(s) to collect the prize(s) ( passes etc.) from the related screening movie theatre within the specified time with that particular Promotion. Further if winner is unable to provide the Company with sufficient proofs etc. as demanded for identification purpose then Company reserves the forfeit participant (s) / winner claim and further it may be awarded to the next winner/ runner-up at the sole discretion of the Company on the fulfillment of terms as conditions.
  • Winner shall be solely responsible for any additional cost inclusive of transportation, insurance incidental expenses (if any) to be required to claim/ avail the winning prize. The winner have to bear all the all the applicable tax component as per the Income tax prevailing rules from time to time. All gift/ prices shall be subject to TDS as per income tax act 1961.
  • Prizes/ gifts are subject to availability, non- negotiable, non transferable, and not redeemable for cash. The person who originally entered in the contest/ promotion can be awarded the prize. Further no other family members, friends, associate or any other person will be able to participate on other person's behalf in any circumstances whatsoever.
  • By participating in the contest / promotion all winner grants Company to use their names photograph, likeness, voice, prize information, and biographical information for publicity, marketing and promotional purposes for this and other future contests/ promotions and waive any claim of royalty , right or remuneration for such use. Shall always.
  • Information details of various third parties and product on its (Company’s) theatre premises or website is for informational purpose only and constitutes neither endorsement nor a recommendation. Licenses and warranties, if any regarding the third Party (ies) product/ services shall always bind and take effect between the participant and the third Party. Winner expressly agreed that any claim with respect to third Party (ies) Product/ services as wining prize/ gift including but not limited to defect in manufacturing /quality/ services / item/ warranty shall be raised directly to the third Party(ies) or it supplier directly and Company shall not be responsible in any circumstances whatsoever. Winner also agrees to use the Product/ services at its own risk and responsibility.
  • Company shall not be responsible/ liable in the event of any loss, damage ( including but not limited to direct, indirect or consequential damage) arising from personal injury or death, or loss, or damage to property which is suffered or sustained in connection with the contest/ promotion or the prize(s) gifts.
  • These terms and conditions are governed in accordance with the laws of India. Any Dispute shall be subject to jurisdiction of exclusive courts in Delhi.
  • Participants in this contest implies acceptance of all the terms and conditions hereof
  • In addition to above stated general terms and conditions, other conditions specific to the contest may be imposed by the Company, sponsors. Participants are requested to refer to such terms and conditions which may be displayed separately on the relevant contest page.
  • Any failure by an entrant, including any prize winner, to comply with any of the Rules or the Site's Terms, Conditions and Privacy Information may result in disqualification from the Promotion. All entries, whether they are eligible entries or ineligible entries, are the exclusive property of Company. Company is not responsible for any typographical errors in the Rules or in any other communication surrounding a Promotion or for any technical malfunction or error relating to the Promotion. Company reserves the right to amend or interpret the Rules at any time, upon published notice to participants on its website. Promotion participants agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless Company and its directors, officers, employees and agents from any and all liability regarding the Promotion, including any injuries, losses, or damages (compensatory, direct, incidental, consequential, or otherwise) regarding the use or misuse of any Prize, any event beyond Company's control resulting in the disruption, cancellation, or postponement of the receipt of the Prize, or any typographical errors or technical malfunctions associated with the Promotion. Company reserves the right to disqualify any entry that it, in its sole discretion, determines :
    (i) to be in violation of the Rules,
    (ii) submitted by fraud or by tampering with the entry process, or
    (iii) Contains inaccurate or fraudulent information. Any attempt by any individual to deliberately damage the site or undermine the legitimate operation of the promotion is a violation of criminal and civil laws. In the event such an attempt occurs, company reserves the right to seek damages from such individual to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  • Comments and materials sent to Company including feedback and other communications of any kind as well as submissions of work as an entry in any contest / promotion held on this website or theatre premises, shall be deemed to be non confidential. Further Company shall be free to reproduce, distribute, publicly display such feedback, contest entries without limitations or obligations of any kinds as also to use any ideas, concept, know how or techniques contained in such feedback or contest or entry for any purpose.
  • Company also reserves the right to summarize analyze data that we collect and also reserves the right to publish, distribute , share summaries of the data collected with sponsors or other business partners without limitation or obligations of any kind.
  • These rules may be amended time to time at the sole discretion of Company. Company reserves the right to discontinue the promotion /contest at any stage.