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We are gutting to upgrade existing thirty single screen theatre into Miniplex in Bihar as per today's standard in India. “We are very excited, and enthusiastic and appreciative of all the support that we’ve had from former residents and locals and businesses.”We hope to see the theatres bustling with business once again because the core objective on which we are working is to give an amazing platform to miniplex in Bihar and to change the negative perception of people towards single screen cinema halls.

"We have a lot going on in the community but there’s not any proper entertainment centre - nothing for the young people."

We hope to be having events here, centered around the theatres “We have planned to organize some live entertainment in since we’ve got a venue to do that with.”People seem to like the comfort they’re getting with it.


To curb piracy by using advanced encryption methods and techniques. To help stakeholders of the feature film industry realize more revenues from their box office and non-box office collections.