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Franchise/Lease – Movie Theatre

We hire cinema halls (Old/New) under the Brand name "CINEBOX" on lease.

We are expanding our wings in the industry with our exhibition vertical as we are coming up with "CINEBOX" theme cinemas under the brand name BOXOFFICE9.

Operations & Management

As a movie theatre franchise, we also provide professional services to look after day to day affairs of the movie theatre operations and Management PAN India.

Key Points which need to be addressed for smooth functioning of any cinema hall that includes broadly the following:

  1. Recruitment and training of the Cinema hall staff, as per the service industry’s standard.
  2. Branding and Marketing activities relating to the multiplex and movies, including advertising.
  3. Highest level planning and execution of promotional activities as per the market and related tie ups to optimize the non-cinema revenue from the physical space of the cinema hall.
  4. Build a healthy relationship with distributors to get latest movies at the best possible terms which will help to maximize revenue.
  5. Planning of weekly schedules on the basis of internal analysis and performance report so that viewers get maximum choice and at suitable viewing time.
  6. Smooth functioning of concessions counter / snack bar by providing best quality goods and services for cinema lovers and will settle the terms with the goods and service providers.
  7. Proficiency in managing the day to day finances of the complete Movie Theatre Franchise business, in consultation or control of the owner
  8. Technical guidance for statutory/legal obligations, including filing of reports, payment of taxes/dues etc.
  9. Maintenance of the installations and internal facilities and ensure repair and maintenance of the property.
  10. All other activities as may relate to the operations of the hall.

The entire Movie theatre business is conducted in the books of the owner and all revenues and expenses are booked therein. All costs are paid directly by the owner and all funds flow to the owners directly - thus full control can be exercised on the financial aspect by the owner.